Melamine Tainted Cookies Found in Alabama


By Genevieve Long

The list products and ingredients from China poisoned with melamine keeps growing. On Wednesday, the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries began to warn consumers about melamine contamination in “Koala’s March” crème filled cookies. The cookies, manufactured in China, are distributed by Lotte USA.

The discovery, made by Alabama’s Pesticide Residue Laboratory, found melamine in strawberry and chocolate flavored Koala’s March cookies. The products are still available for sale on the Internet through such major suppliers as and on the shelves in states outside of Alabama.

The state is advising its residents to throw away the products and not eat them, and has warned that other flavors which have not been tested yet might still be on the market. According to the state of Alabama, the company that distributes the cookies, Lotte USA, has been withdrawing all flavors of the cookies from the market. However, a full recall has not been issued yet.


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