Scryve Set to “Become the Zagat of the Environmental and Social World”


Scryve is a green ranking for companies so that you can quickly and easily see how businesses rank in greenness, and compare companies to make more environmentally conscience purchasing decisions without having to spend hours looking up company info and doing your own analysis.

As the creators say, they’re set to be the Zagat of greenness.

Basically, you can search their site or download a widget you can install so that a ranking pops up on the website you’re visiting. Read on for more about how their ranking works, how you can utilize their database, and how you can get them $40k to expand green rankings.

How Scryve Works
Scryve’s ranking is based on a 1-10 scale, with 1 being the worst and 10 being the most green. Based on a company’s environmental and social records, they’re given a number. A user will see the ranking number, and can read more details about why the company earned, say, a 5. Readers are given a “big picture narrative” rather than intricate details about the company’s history, making at-a-glance reference easier.

Scryve Generalizes the Details for Quick Reference
If you’re searching for highly personalized info about the company, this isn’t the tool for you. It’s really more for quick reference and comparison. The information provided in each area that is used for ranking is boilerplate. You’ll get the same write up for the same ranking in certain areas – basically telling you the gist of what they’re doing in that area that earned them their number. They don’t go into detail about specific actions or policies for each company – which is perfectly understandable considering they already have thousands of rankings and are working on ever expanding their database. It’d take countless hours to keep on top of highly personalized info for each company in the database.


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