No Ground Gained in Talk Palestine, Israel, U.S. Talks

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JERUSALEM—U.S. President Barack Obama finally got his wish for a meeting with the leaders of Palestine and Israel on Tuesday. After months of high-level diplomatic pressure, he hosted a highly anticipated meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in New York.

The meeting did not bear much in the way of results. It ended with a short remark made by President Obama urging the two sides to come together.

“We have to summon the will to break the deadlock that has trapped generations of Israelis and Palestinians in an endless cycle of conflict and suffering,” said Obama in televised comments after the three-way meeting. “We cannot continue the same pattern of taking tentative steps forward and then stepping back. Success depends on all sides acting with a sense of urgency.”

Obama wants to restart negotiations between the Israelis and Palestinians and forge a permanent agreement for the establishment of an independent Palestinian state. But the problem lies in the unwillingness or the inability of both the Israelis and the Palestinians to soften their basic demands.

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Omissions, Inconsistencies Found in John Liu’s Campaign Finance Disclosures

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by Joshua Philipp for The Epoch Times

NEW YORK—After reviewing New York City Comptroller Candidate, John Liu’s campaign finances, discrepancies were found between contributions from donors as listed by the campaign, and information obtained directly from the donors.

Several of Liu’s fundraising events were held by Chinese Associations in New York—most of which have strong connections with the Chinese Consulate and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Required information is also missing on several donors.

A source in the Chinese community in Flushing said several of the names listed on Liu’s financial disclosure never donated. After calling some of Liu’s more than 4,500 listed donors—although many refused to speak—some revealed inconsistencies between their records and Liu’s.

One man (name withheld) is listed as having donated $1,000 to Liu’s campaign. When The Epoch Times phoned him, he said he donated only $50.

Another man (name withheld,) the manager of a business, said he and several others pulled together $1,000 to donate to Liu under a single check. According to the New York City Campaign Finance Board, gathering funds from multiple people and donating them under a single name is called a “nominee contribution,” which is against New York City Campaign Finance Board’s (NYCCFB) laws.

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The United Front and John Liu’s Connections

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by Joshua Philipp for The Epoch Times

NEW YORK—As residents in New York gear up for the local elections, an unseen force may be hard at work.

City Comptroller candidate John Liu has a friendly relationship with Chinese Communist Party (CCP) organizations and former Canadian diplomat Brian McAdam says New Yorkers should be concerned.

“Wherever there is a Chinese community, the CCP is going to try and infiltrate, if they haven’t done so already,” McAdam said.

City Councilman John Liu is vying for the New York City comptroller job, with the primary elections on Sept. 15.

He will face David Weprin, Melinda Katz, and David Yassky in a bid to be the Democratic candidate for the main race for comptroller—the caretaker of the city’s more than $60 million budget.

‘Face’ of the United Front

Politicians like John Liu are “the face” of the CCP’s United Front work in their cities, according to a member of the NYPD with a history of work in Chinese communities. He spoke about the issue on a separate occasion under condition of anonymity.

The United Front is a strategy that uses overseas Chinese to infiltrate foreign politics and establish community associations, business groups, and media that promote the interests of the CCP around the world. These groups plant or transform political and community leaders who act as agents of influence for the regime.

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Filmmaker Who Exposed Salvador Gang Life Killed

by Genevieve Long for The Epoch Times


A journalist who documented the ugly world of El Salvador’s infamous gang life was killed early Wednesday morning. Christian Poveda, a veteran Franco-Spanish documentary filmmaker and photojournalist, was shot in the head and killed on the road near the country’s capital, San Salvador. No suspects have been arrested, and it is unknown why he was killed.

Poveda was just weeks away from the official premiere of his documentary about the violent, ugly world of Salvadoran gang life when he was killed. The documentary, La Vida Loca, is set to premiere on Sept. 30 in Paris. It has already been broadcast in Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Germany, and Hungary. It has never been shown in El Salvador.


Journalist Murdered in El Salvador

By Genevieve Long for the Foreign Policy Association

Christian Poveda, a Franco-Spanish documentary filmmaker, was shot and killed yesterday morning  on the road near his home in Rosario, El Salvador. Poveda was a veteran journalist with experience reporting in Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, El Salvador, and Nicaragua. His documentary about El Salvador’s two most notorious gangs, “La Vida Loca” is set to premiere on September 30 in France. You can see a trailer of the film here:

In a statement on their website, the Committee to Protect Journalists Carlos Lauría, senior program coordinator for the Americas,  said:

“Christian Poveda’s recent film about El Salvador’s street gangs provided a powerful inside look into youth violence in one of Central America’s most dangerous regions. We urge the authorities to conduct a prompt and exhaustive inquiry into his murder and bring all those responsible to justice.”

A close friend, fellow journalist, and Reporters Without Borders (RSF) board member Alan Mingam echoed similar sentiments on the RSF website:

“Christian was the son of Spanish Republicans who sought refuge in France. It was from his origins that he derived the strong humanist convictions to which he always remained faithful. He was a reporter in Chile, under the Pinochet dictatorship, in Nicaragua and El Salvador. He was very committed and involved in his subjects without taking sides. His humanistic convictions went hand in hand with a great deal of professional rigour.”

Comptroller Candidate Liu’s Shady Aides and Associates

By Joshua Philipp for The Epoch Times


NEW YORK—If birds of a feather flock together, it’s worth asking who John Liu, Democratic candidate for New York City comptroller, is flocking with.

John Liu’s former chief of staff, John Choe, is an active, outspoken supporter of the North Korean communist regime.

Ellen Young, John Liu’s district administrator until 2006, is widely accused by residents in her district of swindling people out of tens thousands of dollars. Young is a former State Assembly Member.

Liu also has strong ties to the Fukien American Association, known to be connected to the criminal underworld and the Chinese Communist Party.

John Choe on ‘U.S. Imperialism’

“Korea is at the front lines of the liberation struggles against imperialism,” John Choe said in a May 2006 speech. He was speaking at a conference called “Preparing for the Rebirth of the Global Struggle for Socialism” hosted by the Workers World Party, a self-described “orthodox Marxist” political group. The audio of his speech is available at

John Choe, as John Liu’s chief of staff for several years, was an influential member of Liu’s City Council administration.

“We still have friends, activists who are being arrested on a daily basis [in South Korea],” Choe said in his 2006 speech to the Workers World Party (MP3 sound file available), “for expressing their free will and their thought and for struggling against the U.S. and U.S. imperialism.”