Comptroller Candidate Liu’s Shady Aides and Associates

By Joshua Philipp for The Epoch Times


NEW YORK—If birds of a feather flock together, it’s worth asking who John Liu, Democratic candidate for New York City comptroller, is flocking with.

John Liu’s former chief of staff, John Choe, is an active, outspoken supporter of the North Korean communist regime.

Ellen Young, John Liu’s district administrator until 2006, is widely accused by residents in her district of swindling people out of tens thousands of dollars. Young is a former State Assembly Member.

Liu also has strong ties to the Fukien American Association, known to be connected to the criminal underworld and the Chinese Communist Party.

John Choe on ‘U.S. Imperialism’

“Korea is at the front lines of the liberation struggles against imperialism,” John Choe said in a May 2006 speech. He was speaking at a conference called “Preparing for the Rebirth of the Global Struggle for Socialism” hosted by the Workers World Party, a self-described “orthodox Marxist” political group. The audio of his speech is available at

John Choe, as John Liu’s chief of staff for several years, was an influential member of Liu’s City Council administration.

“We still have friends, activists who are being arrested on a daily basis [in South Korea],” Choe said in his 2006 speech to the Workers World Party (MP3 sound file available), “for expressing their free will and their thought and for struggling against the U.S. and U.S. imperialism.”


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