The United Front and John Liu’s Connections

Read the full article about John Liu’s ties to the Chinese Communist Party

by Joshua Philipp for The Epoch Times

NEW YORK—As residents in New York gear up for the local elections, an unseen force may be hard at work.

City Comptroller candidate John Liu has a friendly relationship with Chinese Communist Party (CCP) organizations and former Canadian diplomat Brian McAdam says New Yorkers should be concerned.

“Wherever there is a Chinese community, the CCP is going to try and infiltrate, if they haven’t done so already,” McAdam said.

City Councilman John Liu is vying for the New York City comptroller job, with the primary elections on Sept. 15.

He will face David Weprin, Melinda Katz, and David Yassky in a bid to be the Democratic candidate for the main race for comptroller—the caretaker of the city’s more than $60 million budget.

‘Face’ of the United Front

Politicians like John Liu are “the face” of the CCP’s United Front work in their cities, according to a member of the NYPD with a history of work in Chinese communities. He spoke about the issue on a separate occasion under condition of anonymity.

The United Front is a strategy that uses overseas Chinese to infiltrate foreign politics and establish community associations, business groups, and media that promote the interests of the CCP around the world. These groups plant or transform political and community leaders who act as agents of influence for the regime.

Read the full article ab0ut John Liu’s ties to the Chinese Communist Party

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