New York City Faces Dangerous Choice in General Election

by Stephen Gregory for The Epoch Times

NEW YORK CITY—New York City has an election next week and, however cynical many of the city’s voters may have become about politicians, one candidate should shock them.

John Liu is the Democratic Party candidate for Comptroller, the city’s top financial officer. Voters might have doubts about Liu because of his shaky hold on the truth or his too close relations with unions, but they may not know even more serious reasons for concern.

The New York Daily News reported that Liu had failed to refund campaign contributions to those he had helped steer public money to in his role as a New York City Council member—refunds he had promised to make.

The Epoch Times reported other funny business with Liu’s campaign financing. Individuals listed as donors said they didn’t give the amounts Liu said they did, and the records for at least 140 of the contributors were missing the identifying information required by law.

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