New Study Reveals American Media Trends

by Genevieve Long for The Epoch Times

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A new study reveals that Americans are still getting most of their news from traditional sources. The one-week study, run by the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism, was the result of a close examination of media coverage in Baltimore, Maryland from July 19–25, 2009.

The Pew Center is a nonpartisan organization that specializes in using empirical methods to evaluate and study the performance of the press, with a focus on content analysis.

Among the most significant findings were that most new information comes from traditional sources, and new media plays only a limited role in disseminating information. Other findings include that the official version of an event is becoming more important than original reporting, and formal procedures for citing are getting lost in the online world.

The study examined all local media outlets in Baltimore during the week and surveyed their output. A closer examination of six major narratives that emerged during the time frame found that much of the “news” people receive contains no original reporting.

Eight out of ten stories studied were repeated or repackaged information that was previously published.

read the full article here

Sources of news (Data courtesy of PEJ)

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