Not All Web Sites Are Created Equal

by Genevieve Long for YPNation

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The news that the lauded Editor & Publisher (E&P) has been sold and will survive to fight another day was officially announced last week. E&P, which has undergone many incarnations, mergers and forms since its founding in 1884, was in danger of dying. Fortunately, the E&P magazine and Web site were bought by an Irvine, California-based company called Duncan McIntosh Co. Inc. Well, maybe it was fortunate—it’s hard to say so early on.

That’s because although it seems like a happy ending, anyone who has spent time in California knows that it’s a state of suspended reality and trendsetters. Trendsetters like McIntosh, a newspaper publishing company, tend to have money. But in the case of E&P—a resource that has no comparable equal in terms of reporting on the news industry and being a resource for those who work in it—being saved from extinction under such conditions wasn’t necessarily the most desirable solution.

In a Huffington Post blog on Tuesday, former E&P editor Gregg Mitchell (who was ousted along with Senior Editor Joe Strupp in the takeover) describes the changes that will now be coming.

“Much of the speculation about the “new” E&P has been on the decision to focus on business and tech/press room issues. Many observers in recent days have warned that the “E” will be largely taken out of “E&P.” McIntosh pointed to this for The New York Times, as it reported: ‘Mr. McIntosh said in an interview that he wanted to shift Editor & Publisher’s focus toward the business and technology of the industry, with less emphasis on what happens in newsrooms.’”

Add to this that E&P Pub, the Web site’s newsroom-oriented (and most popular) blog, was shut down.

See the full posting here

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