Years After Fleeing Haiti, Reaching Out to Devastated Colleagues

by Genevieve Long for The Epoch Times

NEW YORK—For Haitians in the U.S., the aftermath of the recent earthquake in their native country has been a traumatic ordeal. As they try to reach friends, family, loved ones, and colleagues day after day, even making a simple phone call is almost impossible. And when a call does go through, the news is usually traumatic, horrible, and tragic.

In journalist Jean Roland Chery’s case, his immediate family—including his beloved mother—is safe, but living in dire straits like many Haitians. In early 2003, Chery was a reporter with Radio Haiti-Inter, and had to flee the country. His colleagues were being killed, not in the aftermath of a natural disaster, but by armed gunmen. After someone opened fire on his house one night, he escaped to New York City with the help of the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ). His wife and child followed soon after.

These days, seven years later, Chery can often be found in the CPJ office trying to get through to his colleagues still on the ground in Haiti. Working in cooperation with CPJ, he is searching for information about the number of dead, injured, and missing. But he’s also gathering a tally of destroyed or damaged equipment and buildings, lost archives, and other logistical needs of journalists.

Read the full story here

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