Source of Rocket Explosions in Israel Unkown

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Israeli defense officials are investigating reports of rockets landing near the southern city of Eilat early on Thursday after explosions were heard in the area. The Israeli Defense Force (IDF) issued a brief update about the explosions on Thursday afternoon.

According to the IDF, there were explosions and flashes of light reported near the city of  Eilat. After officials searched the city, no evidence of a security related incident was found. A few hours after the explosions, remains of a Katyusha rocket near the city of Aqaba, Jordan were reported.

The Katyusha rocket scare comes on the heels of a harsh warning earlier this month from the Israeli National Security Council, warning citizens to leave the Egyptian peninsula without delay. The warning included details about plans to abduct Israeli nationals.

Israeli media reports that it’s being investigated as to whether the rocket fired was aimed at Eilat, and who is responsible. Media reports are speculating that terrorist cells in the Sinai area could be responsible, and say it is being examined as a possible lead.

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