Israel Journal: When Everything is Old

by Genevieve Long for The Epoch Times

JERUSALEM—In the United States when I look around, I know the earth itself is old, but everything around me is new. I see new buildings, new ideas, and people who seem to always be on to the next, newest thing with little regard for the past.

But in Israel, I feel the weight of history everywhere I go—even in the metropolis of Tel Aviv. The people seem to carry it in their bones and on their backs. During a tour of a tunnel beneath the Western Wall in Jerusalem, I saw how this ancient city is actually one ancient city built on top of another, on top of another. And someone is always digging something up, or building on top of something that is incredibly old.

It’s like my Israeli sister-in-law said last Saturday during a family outing in the Jerusalem forest. We were having a big picnic and nearby was an ancient cistern for gathering water (which are everywhere around here). The cistern now makes a perfect swimming hole—if you can handle crawling inside the small opening. The hills around us were full of remains of ancient people. I thought the whole thing was pretty amazing, and told my sister-in-law so, to which she replied, “In Israel, everyone is always digging something old up.”

But even with the frequency of discovering ancient artifacts and buildings, it can still cause a stir. Once in a while, it even causes controversy.


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