YPNation Launches National Call to All Young Professionals

NEW YORK, Nov. 18, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — YPNation, the national organization for America’s Young Professionals, founded in 2009, launched its 2011 Charter Membership drive this week with the theme:

“Does AARP seem a lifetime away? Join YPNation now and influence the issues impacting your future.”

YPNation gives Young Professionals a voice on the key issues impacting them, including job creation, education expenses, sustainable communities, energy & environmental policy, and the national debt.

“The reality is that younger Americans have no voice in the halls of power, the country is on a collision course, and we’re going to be left alone in the driver’s seat,” said YPNation President Michael Eisenstadt. “It is critical that Young Professionals speak up in an organized way and demand a seat at the table. There is no substitute for a seat, and YPNation will ensure that younger Americans are represented.”

YPNation will lobby Congress on behalf of Young Professionals, developing policy positions through YPNation Member input plus recommendations from its National Advisory Board, an advisory group of leading Young Professionals. YPNation Members are also enrolled in YP Rewards, the nation’s largest discount program for Young Professionals.

“YPNation offers Young Professionals a voice and powerful economic benefits,” Eisenstadt said. “We want all Young Professionals to join us and help make our generation heard. We are the future leaders in America and it is critical that our concerns get communicated. AARP has done an outstanding job being the voice of older Americans, and we intend to be the voice of younger Americans.”

YPNation is the only national platform dedicated to uniting and empowering America’s Young Professionals and brings forward-thinking young Americans to the forefront of the national conversation for the first time.

For more information, and to request a media kit, please visit www.YPNation.com.



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