Remembering Chris and Tim (via CJ Chivers)
In Libya: Remembering Chris & Tim.

Evan Hill of Al Jazeera wrote of the memorial service last night in Benghazi for Chris Hondros and Tim Hetherington. Read it here. It includes this:

A reporter from the AFP news agency stepped forward to read from Gustave Mahler’s 9th Symphony,* a selection for Hondros, who was known for his love of classical music.

“Often I think they’ve gone outside / Soon they will get back home again!/ The day is lovely. Don’t be anxious, / They’re only taking a long walk / …. They’ve only gone out before us, / And will not long to come home again. / We’ll catch up with them on yonder heights / In the sunshine / The day is fine on yonder heights.”

To all who attended and participated, thank you. Thank you as well to Evan for writing something down.

*The recommendation that Mahler’s verse be read was made by Stephanie Sinclair of VII, who remembered that Chris had sent her these words some time back, when she was grieving a death in her own family. Thank you, Stephanie.


Odd Anderson/AFP, who rushed to the ceremony after riding back from Misurata on the Ionian Spirit, the vessel that carried Chris and Tim away from the siege.

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