We Need More Visionaries in Journalism

When someone has a great idea that is outside of the box–but they happen to be a journalist–the idea often goes unnoticed. Worse, people dismiss it. The problem with ignoring ideas about how to breathe life into journalism is that it’s dangerous to dismiss the power of the press. Power that can be used for good or evil. But by the time a story gets to the public consumer, they usually can’t tell whether it was produced well or poorly.

A story poorly told is then repeated by word of mouth, and the misinformation is spread. Before long, erroneous facts can become common public thought. And thoughts can become things. That’s dangerous for everyone, whether they are personally involved in shaping the media or not.

What we need in journalism are more visionaries. People who are willing to take the classic model of a good story well told and the people who tell it, and then re-imagine the production and presentation of the whole thing.

But where are these visionaries? What will it take to find them and bring them to the forefront of supporting a new generation of journalists who are well-trained, taught, supported, mentored and showcased?

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