Journalists Kidnapped–or Just Working?

AP Photo of Baker Atyani

It’s impossible to ignore that there is a very bizarre, inherent bias in the media world against journalists who are not western. I first noticed it when I started trying to do a story about the dangers and difficulties that Arab journalists face working in Gaza and the West Bank. Nobody was interested except for Arab publications.

In a similar vein, it’s interesting that western media haven’t yet picked up the story about a Jordanian journalist and his local crew working in the Philippines who might have been kidnapped.

Different local media have covered the story, with widely conflicting takes on what has happened to the reporter, Baker Atyani, and his crew.

Atyani works for Al-Arabiya TV.

Even if it turns out that the group was not kidnapped, and are simply off the radar because they are working on a story, it’s curious that mainstream western media hasn’t made a mention of it. It makes me suspicious there might be an inherent bias against giving too much play to stories involving the work–and plight–of Arab journalists.

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