In Journalism, Photographers and Writers on Unequal Footing

I have often wondered about the difference between photojournalists and reporters. Aside from the obvious differences of the medium that they use to convey information, it seems that in the shifting media industry, photojournalists are more equipped to succeed professionally and financially.

While writing a recent article for Quill, the magazine of the Society of Professional Journalists, on how independent and emerging journalists are shaping the future of the industry, this difference became very evident. Photojournalists seem to be, in general, more aware of the resources that are available in terms of training, funding, project work, client work, and potential career pathways. Reporters (writers) seem more at the mercy at the industry, less certain about how to proactively create and exploit existing opportunities, and more naieve about available resources. In short, as freelancers and independent business people, photographers seem to be on more solid footing.

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