Ideas are visitors

People, and writers in particular, seem to be a bit freaked out by the fact that true creative involvement can feel much like a full-time flirtation with madness. It can be difficult to know how to handle creative impulses, in other words. I’ve come to think of visitors in really concrete terms. Like walking metaphors, … More Ideas are visitors

The Professional Lady

When I was a little girl, I loved the sound of a professional lady walking through the halls of power. Whether those halls were political, professional, or the lady was the center of attention for some reason, that click-click-click-click of high heeled shoes and the jingle-shake of keys meant one thing to me: authority. I … More The Professional Lady

In Journalism, Photographers and Writers on Unequal Footing

I have often wondered about the difference between photojournalists and reporters. Aside from the obvious differences of the medium that they use to convey information, it seems that in the shifting media industry, photojournalists are more equipped to succeed professionally and financially. While writing a recent article for Quill, the magazine of the Society of … More In Journalism, Photographers and Writers on Unequal Footing

Egypt’s Answer to ‘Street Cred’ for Reporters

By Genevieve Long Belmaker for the Foreign Policy Association READ THE FULL POST HERE Getting ‘Street Cred’ in Egypt By Genevieve Long Friday, February 4 6:05 am EST Journalists and reporters have an unofficial badge of honor they work for in their careers: credibility. Or what people in the media industry sometimes jokingly refer to as … More Egypt’s Answer to ‘Street Cred’ for Reporters

Vietnam’s Dirty Little War on Writers

by Genevieve Long for Media and Foreign Policy blog at the Foreign Policy Association The media is often used by those with competing messages to disseminate information or dis-information. Sometimes, though, the message is a lie. Vietnam is an unfortunate example of manipulating the media and choking free speech for their own destructive ends. Just … More Vietnam’s Dirty Little War on Writers