Book and Documentary Reviews


Courtesy of Mario Tama. All rights reserved.

“…what is conveyed is a subtle thread of a people so spirited and unique that even America’s  most destructive modern natural disaster could not break them.”

Photography Book Review: ‘Coming Back New Orleans Resurgent’ by Mario Tama




Courtesy of Christian Parenti/Ian Olds. All rights reserved.

“…it gets a stark message across: Afghanistan is not  the ‘good war’—something Parenti has no qualms about expressing.”

Documentary Review: ‘Fixer: The Taking of Ajmal Naqshbandi’


Book cover to Sebastian Junger’s “War”


“He captures their eccentricities, strengths, and weaknesses as human beings  as no other account of war in Afghanistan has done.”

Book Review: Sebastian Junger’s ‘War’





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