Tim Hetherington (Aloysio Santos/ET)

“The fact that motivates me is that we have a common humanity.” -Former Filmmaker and Photographer Tim Hetherington on his creative process 

Read my full Q&A interview here

Tim Hetherington was an inspirational, world-renowned journalist, photographer and filmmaker and a dear friend. He and fellow journalist Chris Hondros were both killed while reporting in Libya in 2011.


“Leaving the violence aside, it was a chance to see history being made and to see history unfold—really, really big history, and extraordinary human drama.”-Journalist Dexter Filkins, on reporting on the war in Iraq
Read my full Q&A interview here


Gioconda Belli 

“I think it’s noxious for a writer to put them in a compartment.”-Internationally-acclaimed Nicaraguan poet, writer and political activist Gioconda Belli

Gioconda Belli on Inspiration, Fear, and the Landscape of her Mind


Farida Nekzad

“I don’t think about myself. I just think I should work.”

-Farida Nekzad, an Afghan journalist on the dangers of working as a reporter in Afghanistan

Read my article with Farida’s interview here


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